Analyst at the Congressional Research Service


7/20/20231 min read

We discuss:

His career path:

  • 0:34: His original career interests

  • 3:00: Why he chose to be a research associate

  • 4:54: How he got his role at the Congressional Research Service

  • 6:55: An Overview of the Princeton in Africa Program

  • 9:35: How his experience living in Africa shaped his career path

His current role:

  • 12:58: An overview of the Congressional Research Service

  • 19:23: Examples of types of tasks in his role

  • 28:53: His biggest roles and responsibilities

  • 31:29: What he likes and finds challenging about the role


  • 36:57: On careers in foreign affairs

  • 38:41: General career advice

  • 40:36: Tips for how to be a better writer

  • 47:00: Tips for how to be a better presenter

In this interview, Tomás Husted describes his career in foreign affairs research and what he does in his current role as an Analyst of African Affairs at the Congressional Research Service. After getting his bachelor's degree from Davidson college, he worked as a Research Associate for the Congressional Research Service and as a Strategy and Development Fellow for the International Rescue Committee.

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