Simplifying the career exploration process by sharing interviews of professionals in a wide range of fields, companies, and roles.

Welcome to Careers Explained, a resource intended to simplify the job-seeking process by sharing interviews with professionals in a wide variety of industries, companies, and roles. The goal of the Careers Explained is to help job seekers understand their options, whether certain roles would be a good fit for them, and how they can pursue specific roles through advice from individuals in them. Our content library is continuously growing with new interviews asking professionals about their career paths, current roles, and advice. If you have requests, recommendations, or would like to be a guest, let us know in the contact section of our website!


The Story of Careers Explained:

Heidi Meyer


In college, I often got the question "What do you want to do for a career?" and typically felt overwhelmed by it. I didn't know where to start, who to ask, or what to ask. Due to a lack of connections or responses, I often couldn't connect with professionals whose roles I was interested in.

Since then, I decided to make the resource I wish I had then. Informational interviews are often recommended as a first step in career exploration, but there are many barriers to students in pursuing them. Careers Explained hopes to provide training wheels into the career exploration process by sharing real career interviews with professionals in a wide variety of industries and roles.

How to use: When trying to explore options, individuals can tune into the full recorded interviews about each individual's current role, career path, and advice or listen to clips of specific topics. In addition, students can use the questions and answers in these videos as a starting point for their own outreach process.