Angel Investor


3/13/20231 min read

He describes:

  • How angel investing clubs operate

  • How angel groups find companies to invest in

  • The key factors he’s learned from years of investing of how to pick what companies to invest in

  • How angel investor pitches run

  • The typical questions asked during pitches

  • The typical steps to become an angel investor

  • What the training and learning curve was like for him

  • A backdoor into angel investing before someone has the $1 million required to become one

  • The perks of angel investing clubs outside of the companies you can invest in

  • How the backdoor into angel investing made him his first $1 million

  • The typical schedule of an angel investor

  • What he likes about the role and challenges

  • His experience with luck and how his friend Reed Hastings recognizes his own luck in creating Netflix

  • Characteristics important to be successful as an investor

  • Things he knows now he wishes he knew when he started

  • The most important factors to look at when investing: connections, self-sustainability, and off-ramps

  • Paid job opportunities within angel investing clubs

  • Why he chose to get out of angel investing after years in multiple clubs

people on conference table looking at talking woman
people on conference table looking at talking woman

Leo Tinkham, who has degrees from Bowdoin College, the University of Southern Maine - School of Business, and the Wharton School describes his path into and experience with angel investing.

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