Art Consultant & Exhibition Designer


8/1/20231 min read

We discuss:

Her Current Role:

  • 0:39: What she does as an Art Consultant

  • 1:41: Her main roles and responsibilities

  • 4:15: How much traveling she does in her role

  • 5:37: The purpose of travel in her role

  • 5:55: The difference between her role and an art broker

  • 7:16: Examples of types of projects she does and the steps they entail

  • 11:56: What she likes and finds challenging about the role

  • 14:00: Opportunities for moving up

Her Career Path:

  • 14:57: The biggest points in her career path that led her to this role

  • 16:15: Why she went to grad school for design

  • 17:18: Her jobs before her current role


  • 19:27: Career advice

  • 19:47: Other job opportunities within art

  • 21:22: Whether graduate school is necessary to move up

  • 22:01: How she started her own company

  • 23:49: Ways to prepare now for a career in art

  • 25:24: Advice on how to get experience in the art world

  • 26:51: Advice on persistence

Listen to Alex Stoller describe her career path and current role. She received her bachelor's degree from Davidson College in Art History and Studio Art and her master's in Exhibition Design from George Washington University.

She has worked as a Lead Designer for the Sweetlife Music Festival, as a Designer and Project Manager for the Royal Danish Embassy in Washington DC, as a Store Designer and Project Associate for Sweetgreen, and as a Director of Art for Swatchroom. She is currently an Art Consultant for LK Art Consultants.

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