Business Intelligence Developer


3/9/20231 min read

He describes:

  • The major career steps in his career prior to this role

  • How he got into data analysis with no experience

  • Why he decided to demote himself to a lower role as he was climbing the ranks at a previous job

  • The professional, economic, and personal factors that led him to switch jobs during his career including being medically discharged from the army, being laid off, and dropping out of law school

  • The identity crisis he had when his career plans were forced to change

  • Advice for those who are stressed about not knowing what to do for their career

  • What his current role entails

  • The characteristics of his role including technical skills, storytelling, and graphic design

  • His typical day/week in the role

  • How social the role is

  • What he finds challenging in the role and what he enjoys

  • Examples of projects he works on

  • How he trained himself for this job with no prior data analysis experience

  • Advice for those who want to get into a similar role and don’t have experience

This week Pete Benbow describes his career path and current role as a Business Intelligence Developer at Davidson College.

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