Clinical Psychologist of a Private Practice


9/1/20221 min read

She received her undergraduate degree in biology from Davidson College, her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Auburn University, did her pre-doctoral internship at West Virginia University School of Medicine, and her postdoctoral fellowship at Brown University School of Medicine.

She talks about:

  • How she went from being a biology major to being a clinical psychologist

  • An overview of each year's typical structure in a Ph.D. program and what questions to ask to determine what school will be a good fit

  • The licensing process after graduate school

  • A typical day, the pros and cons, and what relationships with patients look like when working in a psychiatric hospital compared to outpatient care or running a private practice

  • Important qualities for a psychologist to have

  • What she wishes she knew when she was getting into the field that she knows now

2 women sitting on black sofa
2 women sitting on black sofa

Dr. Sloan Alday, a clinical psychologist licensed in North Carolina and Rhode Island, specializing in mood or trauma-related disorders and ADHD. She talks about her experience becoming a clinical psychologist and what she’s learned along the way

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