Co-founder and CEO of The Warming Surfaces Company


12/5/20231 min read

We discuss:

His current role:

  • 0:27: Overview of his current role as CEO

  • 1:26: His schedule balancing being CEO and a Director of another company

  • 2:14: What a typical day or week in his role as CEO entails

  • 3:49: His process of acquiring funding for a startup

  • 5:18: What he does around proof of concept for his product

  • 6:28: How social his role is

  • 7:05: What he likes and finds challenging about his role

  • 8:01: The signs of success for a startup

  • 9:00: His role in recruiting talent

His career path:

  • 10:26: The major steps of his career path

  • 14:08: How he became CEO

  • 15:53: What he learned he did and didn't want in a job

  • 18:15: Opportunities to grow as a CEO

Career advice:

  • 19:52: Advice on how to be resilient

  • 21:10: Advice on when to attempt entrepreneurship

  • 23:19: Advice on how to balance practicality with passion in one's career

  • 24:46: Advice on how to develop interpersonal skills

  • 26:06: How to find job opportunities

  • 27:17: Why everyone should think of themselves as an entrepreneur regardless of their career

In this episode, Jani-Mikael Kuusisto describes his career path in the corporate world and how he switched over to founding and running his own startup.

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