Co-Founder at Handstand


4/18/20231 min read

  • The major steps on his career path

  • How he started his own business

  • How he pivoted when he was laid off

  • The challenges he faced running his own business and how he tackled them

  • What led him to switch companies when he did

  • Advice on applying to jobs and how to spin your existing experience

  • The roles and responsibilities in his current role

  • What a typical day can look like for him and how it can vary

  • How his performance is measured

  • What he likes about his role at Stripe

  • How the company’s mission is aligned with his interests

  • Advice for anyone unfulfilled in their 9-5

Josh Zipin describes his career path, his experience in entrepreneurship creating Handstand, and his current role as an Account Executive at Stripe including:

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