Codes and Policy Project Analyst at the New Buildings Institute


2/19/20241 min read

We discuss:

His current role:

  • 1:13: What he does in his current role

  • 2:23: What a typical day is like

  • 4:09: What his general schedule is like

  • 5:02: How many projects he works on at a time

  • 5:51: The type of work his projects entail

  • 7:13: How social his role is

  • 8:01: An example of his projects

  • 9:41: The typical timelines of his projects

His career path:

  • 11:01: What the job training is like

  • 12:10: Prerequisites needed for the role

  • 13:39: An overview of the required certifications for the role

  • 16:32: Challenges of the role

  • 17:50: What the on the job training is like

  • 19:46: How he got into this field and role

Career advice:

  • 24:27: Advice on career exploration

  • 25:54: How to explore this industry without a formal job

  • 27:20: Advice on networking

  • 28:29: General career advice

In this interview, Grant Sheely will share what he does in his current role, how he got this role, and some career advice he has learned.

He received his bachelor's degree from Oberlin College in Math and Physics, with a minor in Environmental studies. His work experience includes being a Green House Gas Inventory Intern at Oberlin College, a Sustainability Coordinator at Vornado Realty Trust, and a Project Manager at MaGrann Associates. He is now a Codes and Policy Project Analyst at the New Buildings Institute.

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