Dermatology Medical Assistant


4/12/20231 min read

- 0:00: The steps she took to get this role

- 1:35: The types of patient care in medicine and why she prefers outpatient care

- 2:52: What experiences in college helped her decide what she wanted to do

- 3:54: What she does as a medical assistant, including her typical roles and responsibilities

- 5:35: Why she was interested in this role and dermatology specifically

- 6:31: What a typical day is like

- 8:27: What she likes about the role and finds challenging

- 11:18: How this role is preparing her for her end goal of becoming a physicians assistant

- 13:14: Advice for those who want a similar role

Lauryn Albold describes her role as a Medical Assistant at a Dermatology Practice including:

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