Director of Land Conservation Policy at the National Wildlife Federation


6/30/20231 min read

We discuss:

  • 0:50: His original career interests

  • 1:40: The biggest similarities and differences between his previous roles

  • 2:59: Why he switched from working on campaigns on the hill to advocacy roles

  • 4:54: Qualities he didn't want in a job

  • 5:40: What he did want in a job

  • 7:02: How he got his first role in advocacy and tips for applying to jobs

  • 8:53: An overview of his current role at the Nature Conservancy

  • 9:32: Advice for your first job

  • 10:57: Why he changed roles when he did

  • 11:18: Advice for when to leave a role

  • 12:29: What the training is like in advocacy roles

  • 14:13: Advice on how to stand out in a role

  • 15:28: His biggest roles and responsibilities

  • 16:15: An overview of the National Wildlife Federation

  • 19:18: What a typical week is like

  • 19:39: Advice on how to be effective in any role

  • 22:04: An example of the types of projects he works on

  • 22:59: How collaborative the role is

  • 26:13: Favorite parts of his role

  • 28:26: Challenges of the roles

  • 30:19: Opportunities for moving up

  • 30:58: What he likes about working for the National Wildlife Federation

  • 32:08: Career advice

In this episode, we are talking with Andrew Wilkins about his career path and current role. He got his bachelor's degree from Davidson College in political science. After graduating, he worked as a Staff Assistant in the US Senate, as an Assistant to the Executive Director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and as a Government Relations Representative for the Theodore Roosevelt conservation partnership. He is currently the Director of Land Conservation Policy at the National Wildlife Federation.

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