Employment Attorney


1/17/20231 min read

He talks about:

  • His background

  • Why he got into law

  • Why he chose to be an attorney

  • Why he chose employment law

  • Different options within law

  • What he likes about being a trial attorney

  • Extracurriculars he did to prepare him for his career

  • His career steps after law school

  • How having a family changed his career path

  • What a typical week is like

  • His main roles and responsibilities

  • The most common needs of his clients

  • Examples of services he provides

  • Typical hours of the role

  • Expectations around developing your own practice as a new lawyer

  • How he built his own practice

  • the nature of the work

  • Percent of time alone vs w/ ppl

  • What he likes about the role and finds challenging

  • Typical steps for moving up

  • Important characteristics to be successful

  • Advice

woman in dress holding sword figurine
woman in dress holding sword figurine

This week Jack Brem Smith, an Employment Law Attorney at Smith Law Firm describes his career path and current role.

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