Manager of Change and Communications at Ford Motor Company


10/2/20231 min read

We discuss:

  • 0:48: An overview of his current role

  • 2:30: Examples of tasks in his role

  • 3:46: His typical roles and responsibilities

  • 4:30: What a typical day in his role is like

  • 15:35: How many projects he typically works on at a time and their average timeline

  • 18:43: Opportunities for moving up

  • 23:33 Tips on how to achieve a promotion

  • 25:30: Additional advice on how to move up

  • 28:51: How he got into this career

  • 34:05: The impact jobs that weren't on his resume had on his career path

  • 40:30: Advice on how to figure out what you want to do

  • 43:14: Advice on whether an MBA is helpful

  • 45:54: Advice on how to strategize your professional development

  • 48:29: Questions to ask yourself about what type of company to work for

  • 49:12: Advice on how to effectively manage your time

In this interview, Erik Schnurstein describes his career path and current role as a Manager of Change Management and Communications for Ford Motor Company, where he has worked for over 20 years. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan in French and English and his Master’s in Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University. His previous work experience includes working as a Department Manager of Market Research for CX Group, as an Installation Coordinator for General Motors, and as a Project Analyst and Team Leader for Trilogy International.

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