Litigation Paralegal


2/21/20231 min read

She describes:

  • Background on her

  • How she chose her career field

  • Advice for getting work experience as undergraduate student

  • The process to secure her current role as a paralegal

  • The main roles and responsibilities she has

  • What type of law she works in and examples of cases in this area

  • Her process of completing case research tasks

  • What a typical week is like in terms of tasks and hours

  • What the training process was

  • How social the role is

  • What she likes and finds challenging about the role

  • Important characteristics for the role

  • How many cases she handles at a time and how she manages them

  • Advice for those interested in a similar role

  • How to secure a job when there isn’t an active post for it

book lot on black wooden shelf
book lot on black wooden shelf

Gabby Delp describes her current role as a paralegal at Morgan & Morgan.

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