D1 College Basketball Head Coach


12/26/20221 min read

He talks about:

  • An overview of his basketball career

  • Why he wanted to be a coach

  • How he picked where he wanted to coach

  • What the process was like to become a head coach

  • How the roles differ between an assistant and head coach at a college level

  • What the learning curve was like for him at Davidson

  • How his coaching changed with experience

  • How the lessons of being a coach apply to all jobs

  • His roles and responsibilities as a coach

  • What his schedule looked like

  • Challenges he faced

  • How he learned to anchor himself to his values

  • His experience with balancing work and his personal life

  • How he remembers his core values

  • How he created a team culture

  • How he prepared for practices

  • Important roles off the court

  • Advice

Bob McKillop, who was the head coach of Davidson College's Men's Basketball team for 33 seasons, describes his career path and what his role as head coach entailed.

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