Cardiologist at Baptist Health


1/22/20231 min read

  • Why he got into this specific role

  • His career steps from college to his current role

  • An overview of the process and challenges of medical school and the Match program

  • His biggest roles and responsibilities

  • Areas within cardiology

  • The most common things he does and problems he deals with

  • What a typical day is like in the office and in the hospital

  • His experience in research on biomarkers and why he switched to a more clinical role

  • His typical hours

  • Factors to consider when choosing what size hospital or practice to join to minimize hours on call

  • What he likes and finds challenging about the job

  • The nature of the role and social scene at his company

  • Opportunities for moving up as a clinician and researcher

  • The pay rates during different times during a doctor's career

  • Important qualities to have in order to be successful

  • General advice for those interested in a similar path

red and yellow bird figurine
red and yellow bird figurine

This week Jesse Adams, a Cardiologist at Baptist Health (KY) describes his career path and current role including (in chronological order):

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