Principal of Tunlaw Strategies, a Strategic Communications Firm


7/14/20231 min read

We discuss:

His career path:

  • 0:52: What his original career interests were

  • 3:13: His career path from political research to strategic communications

  • 6:47: Why he switched roles when he did

  • 6:57: What to expect for job duration in politics

  • 7:44: Why he switched industries from research to strategic communications

  • 8:21: What he loved about opposition research

  • 11:34: His role as a Research Director for Senator Chris Coons

  • 13:37: His experience working for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

  • 15:14: His experience working on a presidential campaign

His current role:

  • 21:03: His pivot into communications

  • 23:42: The factors he looks for in a role

  • 25:11: Keys to success in communications he learned through experience

  • 26:16: What a communications strategy firm does

  • 30:06: Examples of types of projects in his current role

  • 32:46: The typical duration of projects

  • 34:31: What a typical day/ week is like

  • 38:18: How social his role is

40:09: Advice

Today we are talking with Anjan Mukherjee about his career path and current role. After getting his bachelor's degree from Davidson College in Music, he worked in a variety of research roles including as a Research Associate for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and as a Research Director for US Senator Chris Coons and for the League of Conservation Voters. He then was a Partner at Hone Strategies, a communications and strategy agency, before founding his own strategic communications firm, Tunlaw Strategies where he is currently a Principal.

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