Program Analyst at the U.S. Department of State


10/20/20231 min read

We discuss:

  • 0:38: Overview of current role

  • 1:29: Most common roles and responsibilities

  • 3:07: The process and timeline for some of her tasks

  • 4:55: How many projects she works on simultaneously

  • 5:35: What a typical day is like

  • 7:41: Examples of her work outside of on demand tasks

  • 11:04: Additional roles of the job

  • 12:56: The benefit of having diverse and dynamic roles

  • 13:05: Things she likes and finds challenging about her role

  • 14:44: Opportunities for moving up or into different roles

  • 16:12: The process of moving up

  • 18:26: What the training was like for her role

  • 20:51: The prerequisites to getting into her role

  • 22:55: The points of her career path that led her to this role

  • 25:42: The job qualities she learned she did and didn't want along her path

  • 28:03: Advice for reframing the question of "What do you want to do"

  • 28:24: Advice for those who want to follow her path

  • 30:38: Advice on how to explore career options

  • 31:00: Career advice to decrease stress

In this interview, Kellie Bland describes her career path and current role. She is currently a Program Analyst at the U.S. Department of State. She received his bachelor's degree from Elon University in Communications and her Master of Arts in international and intercultural communication from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Her previous work experience includes working as an English Teacher Trainer for the Peace Corps, as a Shriver Peaceworker Fellow for Friends of Patterson Park, and as a Team Development Specialist for AFS Intercultural Programs

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