Senior Budget Analyst at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller


7/27/20231 min read

We discuss:

His Current Role:

  • 0:46: An overview of the Office of the Secretary of Defense

  • 1:28: An overview of his role as a Senior Budget Analyst

  • 3:29: His most common roles and responsibilities

  • 6:02: The steps of vetting a budget request

  • 8:10: The timeline of a budget oversight process

  • 8:55: What a typical day/week is like

  • 11:28: What determines his goals on projects

  • 13:18: A breakdown of how social his role is

  • 15:35: What he likes and finds challenging about his role

  • 17:35: An example of a crisis situation that impacts his responsibilities

  • 21:10: An overview of government job pay scales

His Career Path:

  • 23:29: Career path steps that led to his current role

  • 26:19: How the Army paid for his graduate school

  • 26:50: What drew him to the Army

  • 27:38: The pay scale on his federal career path

  • 28:39: What he's learned he does and doesn't want in a role

  • 30:07: Clarifying the distinction between his role and accounting roles

  • 32:46: How he chose what qualities to prioritize in a job


  • 35:40: General career advice

  • 37:53: How he leveraged his network in an unusual way to get on his current career path

  • 40:03: The importance of balance in one’s career

In this episode, Mike Jucewicz describes his career path working for the federal government in finance roles and what he currently does. After college, he worked for seven years in the US Army as a Financial Management Analyst, as a Student of the Defense Comptrollership Program, and as a Lead Budget Analyst. He is now a Senior Budget Analyst at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller.

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