Senior Operations Research Scientist at Wayfair


3/8/20241 min read

We discuss:

His current role:

  • 0:28: An overview of what a research operations scientist does

  • 1:09: His typical roles and responsibilities

  • 4:59: What the software engineering aspect of his roles entails

  • 6:10: An example of the projects he works on

  • 9:17: The typical timeline of his projects

  • 10:57: What he likes about the role

  • 12:04: Challenges of the role

  • 13:05: The education requirements for his role

Career advice:

  • 22:09: Advice on applying to operations research roles

  • 23:23: General career advice

Learn what a Senior Operations Research Scientist at Wayfair does, how Ryo Kimura got into this role, and what career advice he has learned. He received his bachelor's degree from Oberlin College in Mathematics and his master's and Ph.D. in operations research from Carnegie Mellon University. His previous work experience includes being a research Fellow at GE Global Research and a Data Analysis Intern at Compassionate Care Hospice.

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