Sport & Rehabilitation Psychologist


8/17/20232 min read

We discuss:

Her Current Role:

  • 1:05: Description of her current role

  • 2:41: Her roles and responsibilities

  • 4:02: How social the role is

  • 5:23: An overview of her patient interactions

  • 7:01: What she likes and finds challenging

  • 8:15: Examples of collaboration between practitioners

  • 9:30: Her process of assessing patients

  • 11:28: Opportunities for moving up

Her Career Path:

  • 12:30: An overview of how she got into this path

  • 13:43: How she chose her graduate school program

  • 14:21: Why she got a PsyD in addition to her masters

  • 15:05: The difference between a Ph.D. and a PsyD

  • 16:30: Why she chose sports psychology for her master's instead of social work or counseling

  • 17:24: Differences between masters in psychology specialties

  • 18:09: The difference in ability to practice between 
a master's and a doctorate of psychology

  • 19:38: What can you do as a practitioner with a master's in psychology

  • 21:15: Why she chose a PsyD over a Ph.D.

  • 25:26: Financial differences between a master's and a doctorate

  • 26:28: The timing of psychology graduate school options

  • 28:45: An overview of the internship process

  • 29:45: Post-graduate school steps

  • 30:46: Stipends for Ph.D. vs PsyD

  • 31:39: Options for income during graduate school

  • 32:27: Job qualities she learned she did and didn’t want

  • 34:21: Her plans for creating her own private practice


  • 36:23: Advice for picking a career track in psychology

  • 38:11: Advice on how to get experience in different roles before internship

  • 39:16: Advice for picking a graduate school

  • 40:58: Advice for how to stand out in graduate school applications

  • 43:55: General career advice

In this episode, Kirsten Allen describes her career path and current role. She received her bachelor's degree from Davidson College in psychology and her Master's in Sport and Performance Psychology and doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Denver. Her previous work experience includes working as a Research Assistant for the US Olympic Committee and as a Sport and Performance Psychology Consultant for the Center for Performance Excellence. She is currently a Sports and Rehabilitation Psychologist at the Shepherd Center.

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