Strategic Account Director at Salesforce


9/13/20231 min read

We discuss:

  • 0:41: An overview of her current role

  • 1:37: Her typical roles and responsibilities

  • 3:12: The typical process of her sales deals

  • 4:48: The typical timeline of a sales deal

  • 5:41: Examples of what client meetings are about

  • 7:40: Examples of types of products she sells

  • 8:48: How long people typically stay in this role

  • 10:01: How success is measured

  • 12:02: Benefits of the role

  • 13:17: What a typical day is like

  • 15:16: How social the role is

  • 17:52: Challenges of the role

  • 18:50: How she got into this role

  • 21:16: Why she chose Salesforce

  • 22:34: Prerequisites for going into sales

  • 23:37: Pros and cons of getting an MBA for a sales job

  • 26:28: Advice for how to be successful in a sales role

Today we are talking with Charlotte McLaren about her career path and current role. She received her bachelor's degree from Davidson College in biology and economics and her Master’s in Business Administration from UNC. Her previous work experience includes working as a Sales Analyst for Sun Life Financial, as a Manager of Corporate Development at Premier Inc., and as a Client Executive for IBM. She is currently a Strategic Account Director at Salesforce.

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