Strategy Associate at Penta Group


9/6/20231 min read

We discuss:

  • 0:34: An overview of her current role

  • 1:35: Examples of projects

  • 2:26: What a typical day or week is like in the role

  • 6:29: The typical length of projects

  • 8:14: How projects are assigned

  • 10:11: What she likes and finds challenging about the role

  • 13:31: Why she was interested in this role

  • 16:56: What the training entailed

  • 19:23: How long people usually stay in the associate role

  • 21:46: General career advice

  • 25:09: Networking advice

  • 28:03: Final advice

In this episode, Madeline Buitendorp describes her first role out of college as a Strategy Associate at Penta Group. She received her bachelor's degree from Davidson College in political science and her previous work experience includes working as an Intern with Rock the Vote, as the director of communications for the college crisis initiative, and as a senior admissions fellow for Davidson College.

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