Talent Acquisition Sourcer


2/5/20231 min read

  • Her education background

  • How she decided what she wanted to do

  • Her current role and what it entails

  • What she looks for when recruiting

  • Her process in recruiting new hires

  • How she got this job

  • How she learned what wasn’t a good fit for her

  • What the training process was like for her

  • What the learning curve was like

  • What it's like working with a globally placed team

  • What her schedule looks like

  • How social the role is

  • What she likes about the role

  • Challenges of the role

  • Opportunities for moving up

  • Characteristics important for the role

  • Advice

three women sitting at the table
three women sitting at the table

Drew Palermo describes her career path and current role as a Talent Acquisition Sourcer at Lithium at Albemarle Corporation. She describes:

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