Venture Capital Managing Partner


4/4/20231 min read

We discuss:


  • His educational and professional background, including his prior jobs and what he learned from each

  • Why he chose to go to business school and what his experience was like at Stanford

  • His experience with entrepreneurship


  • How his experience led him to start Penny Jar Capital

  • An overview of Penny Jar Capital


  • What he discovered he did and didn't want in a role through experience

  • What he likes about running his own business


  • Overview of venture capital


  • Description of his main roles and responsibilities as a managing partner


  • An in-depth description of what he does and his typical schedule


  • Advice on how to set yourself up in college to go into venture capital

Bryant Barr describes his career path and current role. He worked at Mercer as an Actuarial Analyst, at Nike as a Financial Analyst and Manager, founded Slyce, was the President of SC 30 Inc, and is now a Managing Partner at Penny Jar Capital.

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